Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Coalesce Construction’s management of occupational health, safety and wellbeing is core to the effective running of the business and our projects. Linking safety, experiences and the quality of care with the safety, health and wellbeing of the workforce is the core success of our projects regardless of size.

Safety and Wellbeing is continuously developed to meet with national standards through training and development programmes to satisfy our legal duties to protect our people from injury and illness.

The Coalesce management team have clear strategies and our commitment to Safety and Wellbeing is essential, we recognise Construction can be highly dangerous; realising delivering projects with safety as the core principle enables us to maximise our potential.

With a history of health and safety and employment accredited awards won by Coalesce individuals, Coalesce management team invest in a solid safety framework which is both motivational and encouraging and creates a health and safety culture across the entire organisation.

Our people understand their roles and the importance behind the delivery of safe projects whilst completing our work, always with zero tolerance for risk; with the emphasis on training, communication, safety equipment, systems and processes, the safety essentials at Coalesce are based on encouraging and caring about each other and the people and environment around us.

Working Together to embrace health and safety and supporting each other is fundamental to engaging our people to uphold the safety of everyone at every level.